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     Re: NatCapLyme Board Member Dies from Lyme Disease at 44
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     Re: London: Lyme Disease Patients Alliance to Protest at Whitehall
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     Re: NatCapLyme Board Member Dies from Lyme Disease at 44
    by MacMcd
     Re: Review: The Poison Plum by Les Roberts
    by penslayer
     Re: Gary Blier of Allergy Associates under investigation
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     By: Lymielizzie
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       "Lizzie's Lyme Expression & Fellowship FB"
     By: JennyScott
    On: 05-27-2013
     By: JennyScott
    On: 05-27-2013
       "I'm still here...."
     By: JennyScott
    On: 05-27-2013
       "Yes, I still exist!"
     By: rose1010
    On: 02-24-2013
       "Caring for an Adult Male with Neurolyme"
     By: lymetruthseeker
    On: 09-15-2012
       "Gary Blier - ACT - Warning - FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE"
     By: emmers
    On: 08-20-2012
     By: yandrews100
    On: 08-14-2012
       "My daughter and Lyme"
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       "Freshly Lymed"
     By: emmers
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       "Fight for every step"
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    3753 LymeBlogs
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         U.S. Army, 1983-1996 Lyme Disease Risk Assessments
    U.S. Army, 1983-1996 Lyme Disease Risk Assessments

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     Rebecca Wells translates her Lyme disease in 'Ya-Yas In Bloom'

    People with LymeLymeblog News
    Lexington, KY USA
    By Beth Foley, Associated Press Writer

    New York Times #1 Best Selling author Rebecca Wells translates her Lyme disease in 'Ya-Ya Sisterhood' sequel 'Ya-Yas In Bloom'

    "Illness and the love I have been given have taught me about the need for tenderness. I know more deeply that we all need more compassion and kindness than this fast, consumer-driven world encourages."
    Rebecca Wells regarding her book "Ya-Yas In Bloom"
    Rebecca Wells' new novel,
    Rebecca Wells' new novel, "Ya-Yas in Bloom"
    Whether she is writing, meditating or gazing out her window at the salmonberry and wild cherry trees in her garden, Rebecca Wells takes time to count her blessings. For the mega-best-selling author of "Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood" and "Little Altars Everywhere," blessings are no longer measured in fame or riches or the legions of fans who have embraced the books and their tale of enduring friendship among four saucy, sassy Louisiana ladies.
    Struck with chronic illness shortly after her books began their remarkable ride up best-seller lists, Wells now finds quiet grace in living a simple life, and enjoying the fact that  "Ya-Yas in Bloom," her latest installment in the saga, came to be written at all.
    "I think "Ya-Yas in Bloom" is perhaps a more tender book than my first two," said Wells, who has declined interviews because of her health but agreed to an e-mail exchange with The Associated Press. "Illness and the love I have been given have taught me about the need for tenderness. I know more deeply that we all need more compassion and kindness than this fast, consumer-driven world encourages."
    The challenge of writing "Ya-Yas in Bloom" was ... (Read More)

    Posted by Editor on Thursday, February 12 @ 03:00:00 EST (2892 reads)
    Read More | 10558 bytes more | comments? | Score: 0

     People with Lyme: National Museum of Women in the Arts honors Susan Swartz

    People with LymeNational Museum of Women in the Arts honors Susan Swartz
    By Scott Iwasaki, Of the Record staff

    "My husband and I co-produced a couple of documentary films with Impact Partners," she said. "One deals with mercury poisoning ('Mercury Rising') and another with Lyme disease ('Under Our Skin')."

    A decade ago, artist Susan Swartz was diagnosed with mercury poisoning from eating fish from contaminated waters. Six years ago, she contracted Lyme disease.

    In both instances, Swartz, who splits her time between Martha's Vineyard and Park City, nearly died, but they also gave her a new perspective about her art.

    "My paintings have become more bold as a result of those experiences," Swartz told The Park Record during an interview. "In this world where commerce and technology seem to influence so many people, I think I want my message to take on the real beauty that is in our natural surroundings. If any of my paintings take people away from those other distractions, even for a few minutes, then they are succeeding in conveying what God gave us naturally.

    Swartz's paintings will have the chance to reach new audiences when the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, D.C., honors the artist with a special exhibit, "Susan Swartz: Seasons of the Soul."

    The exhibit will run June 17 through Oct. 2


    (Photo courtesy the Bishopric Agency)

    "This is really a big deal for me and I'm so excited," Swartz said. "The museum staff has been talking to me for about a year and half. I got word of a commitment date two days before Christmas last year and what a nice Christmas present for me." Swartz said the NMWA, founded by Wilhelmina Cole Holladay, was the first organization to give equal footing to female artists. "I can't think of any organization that has done more for women artists in our country than NMWA," she said. "Ever since I attended a function years ago, I have dreamed about my work hanging there, so it is an incredible privilege, now, to show my works at this institution."

    The exhibit will feature 13 compositions, all of which show her keen eye for the environment, which has developed over the past 40 years.

    "I am in what I would call my impressionist/expressionist stage right now," Swartz explained. "I feel like I've gone trough my portraits, my small animals my flower stage and my barn stage and my scuba-diving stage. Now I'm completely into nature.

    "In the summer I'm on the East Coast and do a lot of water scenes with water lilies and that sort of stuff," she said. "When I come back to Park City, I paint my trees and landscapes again."

    Having recovered from illnesses that were environmental in origin, Swartz became an environmental activist and she believes her art is the perfect vehicle to spread those messages.

    "Everyone has a talent that I think they can apply to a greater good," Swartz said. "I think I'm most happy when my work inspires others to make a difference in our environment."

    However, she knows that her art is only part of ...

    (Read More)

    Posted by Editor on Wednesday, April 13 @ 22:11:23 EDT (4785 reads)
    Read More | 7165 bytes more | comments? | People with Lyme | Score: 0

     Lyme Disease and Other Tick-Borne Diseases: The State of Science 10/11-12

    People with LymeLymeBlog News
    Lexington, KY
    By LymeBlog News Staff
    Link to the IOM webpage:
    A Workshop on the Critical Needs and Gaps in Understanding Prevention, Amelioration, and Resolution of Lyme and Other Tick-borne Diseases: the Short-Term and Long-Term Outcomes
    When:          October 11, 2010 - October 12, 2010 (8:00 AM) Where:         Washington Plaza Hotel (Adams and Franklin Room) • 10 Thomas Circle, NW, Washington, DC 20005     Map
    The Institute of Medicine Committee on Lyme Disease and Other Tick-borne Diseases: The State of Science is holding a workshop on October 11-12, 2010 on the critical needs and gaps in understanding the prevention, amelioration, and resolution of Lyme and other tick-borne diseases.  Lyme patients and their families need a good turn out a this meeting.  The workshop is free.  Please plan to be there!
    The Lyme Community's reaction will have immense bearing on the contents of the final report. As Woody Allen so succinctly put it ,"80% of life is just showing up". Let's do all we can to put a face on this illness for the IOM and show them that many people care about this issue. Opportunities like this don't come around very often.
    This open workshop is scheduled from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm on Monday and Tuesday, October 11th and 12th, at the Washington Plaza Hotel located at 10 Thomas Circle, NW in Washington, DC. Space for this workshop is limited. Please use the link above to register if you will be attending the workshop.
     Go to the IOM website:
     Look for these links:
    We have been told that workshop attendees will be able to ask questions and interact with presenters
    National Capital Lyme & Tick-Borne Disease Association
    Phone & fax: 703-821-8833
    Any information provided is for the reader’s own evaluation and is not offered as and should not be considered medical advice.  A licensed physician should always be consulted when considering medical decisions and nothing herein may be used in place of advice from your personal physician or other healthcare professional.  Links to other sites are provided for ease of research only. Information on those sites is the product of the website author and represents the opinion of those who publish the sites and does not necessarily reflect the opinion or judgment of the National Capital Lyme & Tick-Borne Disease Association
    (Read More)

    Posted by Editor on Wednesday, August 25 @ 07:40:33 EDT (3627 reads)
    Read More | 5986 bytes more | comments? | Score: 0

     Latest News: Willey crowned Miss Teen NC International

    People with LymeWAYNESVILLE — Megan Willey, Miss Teen Asheville International, was crowned Miss Teen North Carolina International on Feb. 27 at Southwest Guilford High School, High Point. She is a student at Pisgah High School, Canton, and the daughter of Wendy and Rob Willey, of Waynesville. She will compete in the Miss Teen International 2010 national competition July 22-24 in Chicago.

    The Miss Teen International system has been developed to promote today’s young women, ages 13-18, and their accomplishments. Willey was diagnosed with Lyme Disease at age seven and was paralyzed several times because of the disease. Willey credits The Clinic of Angels for saving her life.

    Learn more about Willey and her story atwww.northcarolinainternationalpageants.com. “I believe it is now my turn to use the testimony God has given me to inspire patients with any disease that no matter how hard the climb may seem, with the help of clinics such as this who provide more than treatment but hope, love, happiness, and inspiration; you too can make it to the top,” Willey said.

    For more information on Willey and her battle with Lyme Disease, visitwww.northcarolinainternationalpageants.com. Willey is available for appearances. E-mail her atmegan_willey@ymail.com

    (Read More)

    Posted by editor on Tuesday, April 13 @ 04:00:00 EDT (4001 reads)
    Read More | 1776 bytes more | comments? | Latest News | Score: 0

     Latest News: Social Networks a Lifeline for the Chronically Ill

    People with LymeSocial Networks a Lifeline for the Chronically IllBy CLAIRE CAIN MILLERPublished: March 24, 2010A former model who is now chronically ill and struggles just to shower says the people she has met online have become her family. A quadriplegic man uses the Web to share tips on which places have the best wheelchair access, and a woman with multiple sclerosis says her regular Friday night online chats are her lifeline.

    For many people, social networks are a place for idle chatter about what they made for dinner or sharing cute pictures of their pets. But for people living with chronic diseases or disabilities, they play a more vital role.

    “It’s really literally saved my life, just to be able to connect with other people,” said Sean Fogerty, 50, who has multiple sclerosis, is recovering from brain cancer and spends an hour and a half each night talking with other patients online.

    People fighting chronic illnesses are less likely than others to have Internet access, but once online they are more likely to blog or participate in online discussions about health problems, according to a report released Wednesday by the Pew Internet and American Life Project and the California HealthCare Foundation.

    “If they can break free from the anchors holding them down, people living with chronic disease who go online are finding resources that are more useful than the rest of the population,” said Susannah Fox, associate director of digital strategy at Pew and author of the report.

    They are gathering on big patient networking sites likePatientsLikeMeHealthCentralInspireCureTogether and Alliance Health Networks, and on small sites started by patients on networks like Ning and Wetpaint.

    Sherri Connell, 46, modeled and performed in musicals until, at age 27, she learned she had multiple sclerosis and Lyme disease. She began posting her journal entries online for friends and family to read. Soon, people from all over the world were reading her Web site and telling her they had similar health problems.

    In 2008, she and her husband started a social network using Ning called My Invisible Disabilities Community. It now has 2,300 members who write about living with lupus, forthcoming operations or medical bills, for example.

    “People have good and bad days, and they don’t know a good day’s going to come Wednesday at 5 o’clock when a live support group is meeting,” Ms. Connell said. “The Internet is a great outlet for people to be honest.”

    Not surprisingly, according to Pew, Internet users with chronic illnesses are more likely than healthy people to use the Web to look for information on specific diseases, drugs, health insurance, alternative or experimental treatments and depression, anxiety or stress.

    But for them, the social aspects of the Web take on heightened importance. Particularly if they are homebound, they also look to the Web for their social lives, discussing topics unrelated to their illnesses. Some schedule times to eat dinner or watch a movie while chatting online.

    John Linna, a pastor in Neenah, Wis., did not know what a blog was when his son suggested he start one after discovering he needed to stay home on a ventilator.

    “That day my little world began to expand,” he wrote in a post last year about blogging. “Soon I had a little neighborhood. It was like stopping in for coffee every day just to see how things were going.”

    When Mr. Linna died earlier this year, people all over the Web who had never met him in person mourned the loss.

    Others use the Web to find practical tips about living with their disease or disability that doctors and family members, having not lived with it themselves, cannot provide.

    On Diabetic Connect, a diabetes social network with 140,000 members, people share recipes like low-sugar banana pudding, review products like an insulin pump belt and have discussions like a recent one started by a patient with a new diagnosis. “I don’t like to talk to my family and friends about this,” she wrote. “Honestly I feel helpless. I really just need some advice and people to talk to who might have been experiencing the same things.”

    Amy Tenderich is the community manager for Diabetic Connect and writes a blog called Diabetes Mine. “There’s no doctor in the world, unless they’ve actually lived with this thing, that can get into that nitty-gritty,” she said. “I’ve walked away from dinner parties with tears in my eyes because people just don’t understand.”

    Patients often use social networks to interact with people without worrying about the stigma of physical disabilities, said Susan Smedema, an assistant professor of rehabilitation counseling atFlorida State University who studies the psychosocial aspects of disability.

    From her home in Maine, Susan Fultz plays online games at Pogo.com and commiserates with people who are frustrated that they do not have a diagnosis for their symptoms.

    “There’s no worry of being judged or criticized, and that is something that I know a lot of us don’t get in our daily lives,” said Ms. Fultz, who has Lyme disease and psoriatic arthritis.

    Those with chronic diseases or disabilities, like all Internet users, have to be wary about sharing private health information online, particularly with anonymous users.

    Research has also shown that emotions can be contagious, said Paul Albert, digital services librarian at Weill Cornell Medical Library in New York who has researched how social networks meet the needs of patients with chronic diseases.

    “If you hang out on a message board where people are very negative, you can easily adopt a negative attitude about your disease,” he said. “On the other hand, if people are hopeful, you might be better off.”

    Some people also worry that patients might exchange erroneous medical information on the Web, he said. Yet most patient social networks make clear that the information on the site should not substitute for medical advice, and the Pew study found that just 2 percent of adults living with chronic diseases report being harmed by following medical advice found on the Internet.

    Instead, the sites are used to share information from the front lines, said Lily Vadakin, 45, who has multiple sclerosis and works as a site administrator for Disaboom, a social network for people with disabilities. For instance, she has discussed with other patients how to combat fatigue by working at home and taking vitamin supplements.

    (Read More)

    Posted by editor on Sunday, April 11 @ 04:00:00 EDT (4229 reads)
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