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 Re: Lyme Researcher Lisa Masterson arrested
by max
 Re: Emmy-winner Scott Brazil dies of ALS and Lyme disease at 50
by max
 Re: Emmy-winner Scott Brazil dies of ALS and Lyme disease at 50
by max
 Re: Review: The Poison Plum by Les Roberts
by penslayer
 Re: Gary Blier of Allergy Associates under investigation
by mtsconverter

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     The Bakers Dozen & the Lunatic Fringe
The Bakers Dozen & the Lunatic Fringe: Has Junk Science Shifted the Lyme Disease Paradigm? by PJ Langhoff  Includes key evidence from the historic CT Attorney General investigation into the IDSA clinical practice guidelines for Lyme disease.

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     * From: lymielizzie
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Re: "I'm still here...."
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     On: 05-30-2013
      To rose1010
Re: "Caring for an Adult Male with Neurolyme"
     * From: lymielizzie
     On: 11-29-2012
      To lymetruthseeker
Re: "Gary Blier - ACT - Warning - FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE"
     * From: lymielizzie
     On: 11-29-2012
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Re: "Frustration"
     * From: Carold
     On: 11-21-2012
      To emmers
Re: "Frustration"
     * From: Carold
     On: 11-21-2012
      To lymetruthseeker
Re: "Gary Blier - ACT - Warning - FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE"
     * From: ambitiousheart
     On: 11-01-2012
      To lymetruthseeker
Re: "Gary Blier - ACT - Warning - FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE"
     * From: yandrews100
     On: 08-15-2012
      To emmers
Re: "Fight for every step"
     * From: yandrews100
     On: 08-14-2012
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Re: "Freshly Lymed"
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     On: 07-28-2012
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 By: Lymielizzie
On: 03-20-2014
   "Lizzie's Lyme Expression & Fellowship FB"
 By: lymielizzie
On: 03-17-2014
   "Lymie Lizzie FB Lyme Expressions & Art Family -LEAP"
 By: lymielizzie
On: 06-04-2013
   "-Go to LymeBlog Facebook"
 By: JennyScott
On: 05-27-2013
 By: JennyScott
On: 05-27-2013
   "I'm still here...."
 By: JennyScott
On: 05-27-2013
   "Yes, I still exist!"
 By: rose1010
On: 02-24-2013
   "Caring for an Adult Male with Neurolyme"
 By: lymetruthseeker
On: 09-15-2012
   "Gary Blier - ACT - Warning - FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE"
 By: emmers
On: 08-20-2012
 By: yandrews100
On: 08-14-2012
   "My daughter and Lyme"
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Guidelines by JOSEPH J. BURRASCANO JR., M.D.
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ILADS Evidence-based Lyme Treatment Guidelines
International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society
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·Leo Bogart, 84, Sociologist Who Studied Role of Media in Culture, Is Dead2005-10-21 15:46:44
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     U.S. Army, 1983-1996 Lyme Disease Risk Assessments
U.S. Army, 1983-1996 Lyme Disease Risk Assessments

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· Philidelphia Candlelight Vigil Remembers Lives Lost to Lyme Disease[ 0 comments - 195 reads ]
· Phoney Lyme Disease Doctor Arrested at Mexican Border[ 0 comments - 1208 reads ]
· Elizabeth May’s Canadian National Lyme Disease Strategy Act Passes House[ 0 comments - 519 reads ]
· UK Mother is told to take her five-year-old daughter to the VET after picking up[ 0 comments - 479 reads ]
· People don't understand lyme disease[ 0 comments - 471 reads ]

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 By: Lymielizzie On: 03-20-2014    "Lizzie's Lyme Expression & Fellowship FB"   3 reads
 By: lymielizzie On: 03-17-2014    "Lymie Lizzie FB Lyme Expressions & Art Family -LEAP"   3 reads
 By: lymielizzie On: 06-04-2013    "-Go to LymeBlog Facebook"   4 reads
 By: JennyScott On: 05-27-2013    "wHERE IS EVERYBODY?"   1 reads
 By: JennyScott On: 05-27-2013    "I'm still here...."   9 reads
 By: JennyScott On: 05-27-2013    "Yes, I still exist!"   7 reads
 By: rose1010 On: 02-24-2013    "Caring for an Adult Male with Neurolyme"   8 reads
 By: lymetruthseeker On: 09-15-2012    "Gary Blier - ACT - Warning - FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE"   9 reads
 By: emmers On: 08-20-2012    "Frustration"   5 reads
 By: yandrews100 On: 08-14-2012    "My daughter and Lyme"   4 reads
 By: LymieLee On: 08-02-2012    "Freshly Lymed"   8 reads
 By: emmers On: 06-02-2012    "Fight for every step"   7 reads
 By: emmers On: 06-01-2012    "Day Two of Antibiotics - Hopeful"   4 reads
 By: emmers On: 05-31-2012    "My Battle - My Future . . ."   5 reads
 By: chris9282 On: 03-20-2012    "Telling your friends"   14 reads
 By: chris9282 On: 03-15-2012    "Parents of children with Lyme"   12 reads
 By: chris9282 On: 03-13-2012    "Reflection on my past 9 years."   12 reads
 By: carold On: 02-24-2012    "lyme still sucks"   48 reads
 By: ksnew2005 On: 02-01-2012    "Looking for Lyme Doctor in Midwest"   9 reads
 By: ILoveLyme On: 01-22-2012    "DAMN MY LIFE"   6 reads
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From: lymielizzie On: 05-30-2013   To JennyScott Re: "I'm still here...."
Jenny, LB took a major dive and was taken over by hackers. Mac does have a FB lymeblog but its not up to date and I am trying to contact him about helping him with that. I am so sorry to hear you have active babesia and bartenella...again. Its just an awful-relentless disease and I know it can cause such tremendous depression. I am going on 12 years of Lyme but had a major turn around for the better, although I still deal with the viruses like chronic EBV, HHV6 and chlamydia pneumoniae. I am tired and very achy, but not is the hellish phase which I endured off and on for years. As you can see here on LB, we can't break up sentences so I need to close this response. Please feel free to send me private messages and I am going to commit to checking LB regularly. I hate missing a post from people who are in need. Hang in there!! Lizzie
From: lymielizzie On: 05-30-2013   To rose1010 Re: "Caring for an Adult Male with Neurolyme"
I am so sorry I did not see this sooner. There are Drs in PA that are lyme literate and can help your son. I hope he has found help by now but if not please send me a private message and I will help you find a good lyme literate Dr for him. I too have been sick with Lyme for 12 years and I too almost gave up but with the right help I got better. I will never been healed but I am not nearly as sick as I was. He needs to be on antibiotics for a very long time and only a Lyme literate Dr will do that. Moving to Florida would not help him I can assure you. If there is anything I can do please let me know. Lizzie
From: lymielizzie On: 11-29-2012   To lymetruthseeker Re: "Gary Blier - ACT - Warning - FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE"
Gary Blier is a scam artist and a good one at that thanks to the sick and desperate who don't know any better than to shell out major bucks to have Gary personally pick out sound frequencies that will heal their lyme. Pah-leeze lymies stop the madness! This is a major scam in which Gary has been investigated for. Now Gary Blier is doing these seminars and you see all the desperates holding on to every word this wolf in sheep's clothing spews out. ITS A SCAM ALREADY!
From: lymielizzie On: 11-29-2012   To emmers Re: "Frustration"
Carol is right on. Healing from lyme must be done slowly and carefully. No sugars and I would include no alcohol. Try to eat as organically as you can. Juicing is excellent. I juice daily using Vitamix mixer that you can get at Costco. Get as much rest as you can and get exercise. Walking is excellent if you can get out in the fresh air every day for 15 min to an hour. Try to stay positive. I know its really really hard some days. If it were not for my 100% supportive family I would not be doing as well as I am. Hang in there Emmers.
From: Carold On: 11-21-2012   To emmers Re: "Frustration"
You are so right. This disease is a thief. It took 6 years of my life and I know others who have suffered a lot longer than I. But you can't give up. You must keep killing the bacteria or Protozoa. It's the only way to get your life back. I was told that this disease is not a race, its a marathon. Make sure you have a good LLMD. That's is your best bet. I also found that eating gluten free, sugar free and dairy free helped my body to recover. All that stuff feeds the Lyme bugs, so starve them and kill them. God Bless
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 By: CarolD On: 03-19-2008    "Herxing from Mepron"   1960 reads
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 Philidelphia Candlelight Vigil Remembers Lives Lost to Lyme Disease

LymeBlog NewsLymeblog News
Lexington, KY USA
By Mac McDonald, Lymeblog News Editor

Philadelphia, PA – WEBWIRE – Monday, September 29, 2014

PHILADELPHIA, PA—On Friday October 10th, chronically ill Lyme disease patients and supporters from around the United States will hold a candlelight vigil to honor those who lost their lives while battling chronic Lyme disease.

The event is organized by The Mayday Project Lyme patient advocacy group. The vigil and a protest rally the following Saturday coincide with IDWeek, an annual medical conference organized by the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA).

Patients are calling on IDSA to update its guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease to reflect the current state of science and improved standards for patient care. They believe shortcomings in IDSA’s guidelines, which are followed by physicians around the world, contribute to widespread misdiagnosis of Lyme patients and ensure that the sickest remain sick.

“I’m tired of losing my friends,” says Mayday co-founder Allison Caruana, who has lost several friends who were battling Lyme. “They were abandoned by the medical establishment and remained severely ill up until their deaths. Although Lyme may not have killed them directly, it certainly robbed them of life.”

The vigil will be held outside the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, which is designated as the headquarters hotel for IDWeek.

A key concern of activists is the refusal of IDSA to acknowledge the existence of chronic Lyme disease and update its guidelines to reflect the fact that many patients require longer-term treatment beyond the limit of 4 to 8 weeks of antibiotics specified by the IDSA.

Kenneth Liegner, MD, who specializes in internal medicine, critical care, Lyme disease and related illnesses, suggests in a September 2010 letter to the Institute of Medicine, that the refusal to acknowledge the epidemic of chronic Lyme disease is profit driven:

“An infection that can be chronic and require a long-term treatment approach does not fit the ‘business model’ of managed care: predictable premiums, predictable costs, predictable profit,” says Liegner, who practices in Pawling, NY and has treated hundreds of patients with Lyme disease. “With managed care it became feasible to control costs by defining away the chronic infectious aspects of Lyme disease.”

Mayday co-founder Josh Cutler says: “Chronic Lyme patients, especially those who lost their lives, are casualties of unchecked conflicts of interest and medical neglect. We call on everyone concerned about this injustice to stand with us and pay tribute so their deaths and suffering are not in vain.”

The candlelight vigil will take place from 8:00pm to 10:00pm on the public sidewalks outside the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown at 1201 Market Street.

For details visit: https://www.facebook.com/events/1512505018992244

About the Mayday Project
The Mayday Project was formed by a group of volunteers who have been touched by Lyme in some way. They aim to raise awareness about chronic Lyme disease and related tick-borne illnesses. Mayday supporters advocate for more accurate tests, better guidelines, improved access to treatment, increased education for physicians, and more funding for research.

For more information visit www.themaydayproject.org.

Posted by Editor on (195 reads)
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 Phoney Lyme Disease Doctor Arrested at Mexican Border

LymeBlog NewsLymeblog News and Information
Lexington, KY USA
By Lymeblog News Staff

SAN DIEGO, CA: According to KGTV News, San Diego, Kathleen Helms who was convicted of posing as a doctor, was rearrested last week at the San Ysidro Port of Entry when she was caught practicing medicine in Tijuana under the name assumed Sandee Boyko.

Helms, 59, was treating people she had diagnosed with Lyme disease by injecting them with bovine stem cells from Germany and charging over $30,000 for this "cure". Many of the patients did not even have Lyme disease and one almost died.

According to the FBI, Helms was first arrested in 2012 by investigators from the California Medical Board and FBI agents on state charges of practicing medicine without a license, which resulted in the infliction of great bodily injury and grand theft.

Investigation into this matter was initiated based upon complaints made to the Medical Board of California. The complaints alleged that Helms had been practicing as a doctor without a license in California and representing herself as a doctor of naturopathy with offices located in Encinitas, California, and Oak Park, Illinois. Helms operated a business called BrightHouse Wellness, located at 317 North El Camino Real, Suite 112 in Encinitas, California. Helms allegedly had been diagnosing patients with Lyme disease and advising them to undergo a treatment plan that involved the infusion of dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), injections of animal cells, and taking vitamins.

According to the affidavit filed in this matter, in April 2012, Helms diagnosed a patient with Lyme disease after examining a sample of blood under a microscope. Helms prescribed a treatment plan that consisted of injections of bovine stem cells from Germany and DMSO in a solvent through IV. Helms directed the patient to have a peripherally inserted central (PICC) line installed in the patient’s arm so Helms could give the DMSO treatments through IV.

Helms directed the patient to go to a hospital in Tijuana and meet with a man to have the PICC line installed. The patient agreed to pay $300 for the insertion of the PICC line and pay Helms an additional $30,000 for the treatment Helms recommended. The patient suffered multiple complications with the insertion of the PICC line and had to return to Tijuana three times to make the line functional.

The patient subsequently returned to Helms’ office, where the patient was hooked to an IV and infused with four bags of DMSO and two stem cell injections with a syringe in the stomach. This treatment session took approximately seven hours. The patient returned to Helms’ office three more times and underwent a similar regime of care that included infusions and injections. The evening of the last treatment the patient became seriously ill at home and was taken to a local emergency room and immediately placed in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the medical facility. The patient was told she only had hours to live because her organs were shutting down. The patient was hospitalized a total of six weeks and then placed into a skill nursing facility and later in an assisted living ...

Posted by Editor on (1208 reads)
(Read More... | 4179 bytes more | comments? | Score: 0)

 Elizabeth May’s Canadian National Lyme Disease Strategy Act Passes House

Lyme in CanadaLymeblog News
Lexington, KY USA
Lymeblog News Staff

Canada: Elizabeth May’s National Lyme Disease Strategy Act passes House of Commons

OTTAWA – Elizabeth May’s Private Members Bill, C-442, An Act respecting a Federal Framework on Lyme Disease, has passed through 3rd reading with the unanimous consent of the House of Commons. Bill C-442 will now be referred to the Senate, where it will be sponsored by Senator Janis Johnson and taken up in the fall.

First introduced in June 2012, Bill C-442 will establish a framework for collaboration between the federal, provincial and territorial Health Ministers and the medical community, along with patients and their experts, in order to promote greater awareness and prevention of Lyme disease, to address the challenges of timely diagnosis and treatment, and to push for further research.

“I am immensely thankful for the support of my colleagues on all sides of the House in helping us to pass this bill,” said the Leader of the Green Party of Canada and MP for Saanich–Gulf Islands. “Today marks an important step toward better diagnosis and treatment for Lyme disease sufferers in Canada. Lyme disease is a growing problem in this country, and we urgently need health ministers, medical experts and patient advocates working together to find solutions.”

Although it is rare for Private Member’s Bills to clear the House of Commons, Bill C-442 has received support from all parties in the House, in addition to the Canadian Medical Association, the College of Family Physicians of Canada, and the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation.

Lyme disease is an infectious disease that is carried and transmitted by ticks. During the Health Committee’s study of Bill C-442, the Public Health Agency of Canada provided expert testimony forecasting a possible 10,000 new incidences of Lyme disease in Canada each year by 2020.

Posted by Editor on (519 reads)
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 UK Mother is told to take her five-year-old daughter to the VET after picking up

LymeBlog News
Daily Mail
June 5, 2014
London, UK

Mother is told to take her five-year-old daughter to veterinarian after picking up a tick

Here is one to contemplate. If this doctor does not understand that ticks carry some very dangerous diseases and that doctors treat humans, veterinarians treat animals, is there a training issue at the NHS?

Paula Binns took five-year-old Lilyanna to the GP after noticing the tiny parasite on her head while she plaited her hair.

She claims that after trying to remove the tick with a tissue, a doctor at the Gill Medical Centre in Walkden, Greater Manchester,UK told her to seek advice from a veterinarian instead.

She says that she contacted a vet who said they could not help since veterinarians cannot treat humans.

A neighbour eventually removed the tick using tweezers.

Binns has lodged a formal complaint with the NHS claiming the doctor at the practice in Walkden told her to seek advice from a vet instead of treating her daughter or referring her to another doctor.

Posted by Editor on (479 reads)
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 People don't understand lyme disease

Opinion / Editorial
LymeBlog News
Lexington, KY USA
June 1, 2014
by Julie Newland

Julie Newland
Julie Newland
Delaware, OH: I hesitated writing this. Then I realized I must. Many of you might know me or know of me. Marion (Ohio) was my home for my life. I was very active there in food drives and politics. I tried to help my town. I was energetic, happy and never still. Then one day, it began to change.

Imagine losing your balance, getting vision problems, severe joint and muscle pain, stiffness, and having tremors and twitching like mad. You also lose a lot of cognitive abilities. I went from ballroom dancing to being home and needing help within a year. I was at the top hospitals in Ohio. I saw so many neurologists, cardiologists and other doctors. No one had an answer. They had ideas, but none proved to ...

Posted by Editor on (471 reads)
(Read More... | 7055 bytes more | comments? | Score: 0)

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My little family
Laura & Jenny
Laura & Jenny
Tori & Kirstin
Tori & Kirstin
Dave and Jenny
Dave and Jenny
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crazy hair day alaska.jpg
crazy hair day alaska.jpg
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